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This might be a good idea for safety for the elderly...Gallery Safety Island ~ great idea, have never seen this.

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Marshall Street Park in Safety Harbor, Florida (near Clearwater).

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Keeping Kids Safe from Inappropriate Touch

Books for kids about appropriate touch, safety, and sexual abuse from Pragmatic Mom. Along with reading about personal safety and talking with your children, use the Conscious Discipline tool of teaching them their "Big Voice" as featured in Dr. Bailey's book, Shubert's Big Voice. Statistics have shown that children who speak up are less vulnerable to many kinds of maltreatment. #iheartcd

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Betty's Guide to Kitchen Emergencies

Betty's Guide to Handling Kitchen Emergencies

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Thank you Dr. Who writers! Weeping angels! Not so cute anymore! Whodom - slowly removing all sense of safety in our surroundings.

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Children are incredibly vulnerable to rejection, ridicule, criticism, and anger at home. They deserve to grow up in safety, acceptance, and warmth. -Dr. James Dobson

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Meningococcal vaccines are recommended to all 11- and 12-year-olds in the U.S., despite rates of meningococcal disease being at historic lows.

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Taking essential oils internally is a highly discussed topic in the essential oil industry. Read this article by Dr. David K. Hill to learn more about the safety and science behind the internal use of essential oils.

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