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Harry Potter: J.K's Revenge

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When this happened in the movie I leaned over to my dad and was like, "I was waiting for that!" and he was like "you knew that was coming?" and I was like "uhhh yeah I watched the trailer like 17 times"

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I thought he was Ashton for a second I'm hurt

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Jan 1 Obama just created a ministry of propaganda...

by Dr. Michael Savage -- Just before the Christmas holiday, when few were paying attention, President Obama quietly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Buried within the $619 billion military budget is a provision that establishes what Savage described as a “ministry of propaganda.” “That’s right. The sneaky, crypto-fascist president snuck in a ministry of propaganda into the Defense Authorization Bill on Friday night,” he said. Savage continued: He called…

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"Savage in pink" by skinnyjeansamd on Polyvore featuring Topshop, Minimum, Vans, Accessorize, Beats by Dr. Dre and Casetify

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How many times had they returned together to Baker Street, bruised and hurting and laughing after some pursuit of a felon through the alleyways, or some vicious, punishing fight before apprehending a criminal? Holmes would be in his element, wholly alive, thrumming with adrenaline, savage and beautiful in his glee, eyes alight with the sheer brutal adventure of it all. Watson would luxuriate in the aftermath, swept up in Holmes’ wanton, ferocious elation.

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