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Dragon scales.

Are they like paper cause if they are I think I want in that dragons cave. Give me the books!!!


Landscape Concept Art by Ming Fan

The Heartstone of a shard is it's link and anchor in reality. Some shards have simple Heartstones, others have grown to become intricate and complex places (like the one shown here for the shard of Falcryst). Regardless of their appearance, they are the heart and essence of the shard, Without it, the shard - and all within it - collapse into oblivion. (Landscape Concept Art by Ming Fan | Cuded via


A mother dragon lays her eggs under the mountain where she was born, along with all her sisters. If the mountain is not large enough she and her mate must dig a new cave. This is very dangerous because during the 600 years underground, the dragon eggs grow from about 10 feet to 1000 feet long and run the risk of cracking. Eggs shells are made of many layers of a hard substance and develop to be 10 feet thick. The growth of the eggs cause mountains to rise.