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Star Gazing, Eli Ring on ArtStation at

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Updated!: G-Dragon's Instagram Update (161228) [PHOTO] - bigbangupdates

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Brides...definitely act like Sith Lords on their wedding day. Don't get on their dark side. This was not photoshopped. #Star Wars, #bridezilla, #funny

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da-vhenan: Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you The Star - Lavellan The Star looks to the future and predicts hope, healing, and powerful change. She brings aid and assistance through hard times, and stands on the precipice of a new dawn. Heaven is her guide, and faith both personal and divine is her cornerstone. (x)

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❁ //

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Certified sarcasm. - fckyeahgdragon: G-Dragon - BIGBANG MADE THE FULL...

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Neil | The Foxhole Court | The Raven King | The King's Men | [All for the Game]

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They may not be real...but they are real to me. The Three Musketeers, Star Wars, Lab Rats, The Avengers, InuYasha, Star Wars Rebels, Lord of the Rings, Treasure Planet, Rise of the Guardians, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, How to Train Your Dragon, Knights of the Silver Dragon, High School Musical, The Incredibles, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Big Hero 6

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