I have wanted a Piccolo tattoo since I was about 16. He will always be my favorite DBZ character

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Funny DB/Z/GT Stuff | DragonBall Figures Toys Gashapons Collectibles Forum Dragon Ball Figures DB DBZ DBGT

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DragonBall Z Comic     by TrebleChibi.deviantart.com
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Master Roshi- my first ever encounter with a really funny Japanese pervert. I actually grew up watching DBZ and I caught every single episode up to the end of Freeza. This cosplay complete with naughty girly magazine? The man in that suit deserves a handshake and a used underwear. Dragon Ball the manga is HILARIOUS and I highly recommend it.

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I got: Black Butler! Which ive never seen but apparently I should be in it LOL. #PrinceVegeta Which Anime Show Should You Be In? Dude I can't believe how many re pins and likes this thing has gotten!!! Was I like the only one who got this show or something? #PrinceVegeta

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dragon ball krillin when he groes up....hes gonna die several times an episode

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