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Spotting Image 1 Description: Spicebush Swallowtail larva go through three color stages as they develop.In their first moltings they are brown and white and look like bird droppings. In their mid stage they are a brilliant green. The last instar these caterpillars are a deep orange red. Photo: Late instar (orange red) and third instar (green) larvae.

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What an amazing caterpillar - the larva of an Archduke (Lexias pardalis dirteana) Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen conifer.

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North America's weirdest-looking caterpillar. It's the Monkey Slug (Hag Moth Larva) - Phobetron pithecium, of the family Limacodidae, Okay, this poor thing lost the common-name-lottery in both it's life stages :-(

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