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i really do blame josh for me being so sarcastic i wouldve never been this sarcastic if it werent for him XD thank you drake and josh <3 lol

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Community Post: 35 Memorable Lines From "Drake And Josh"

Folk petty who wanna comment and say how someone (not me at all) reposted this and misspelled "could"... Some have too much time on their hands and wanna be petty

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Predictable in her unpredictability.. So this is exactly me (funnily I figured it out a while ago and here it's described!) a walking contradiction: believing in curiosity always leads to trouble as well as not all those who wander are lost.. Hmm

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Nelly Vs. Drake - Debate Twitter Trends Poll A Drake vs. Nelly debate is currently trending on social media. Why? Because why not? The older Millennials are constantly arguing with the young Millennials on Twitter. The older heads are bringing up timeless Nelly tracks like "Dilemma" "Ride With Me" and "Hot In Here." Many younger Millennials are listening to unforgettable Nelly tracks for the first time. Younger Millennials are discussing some of Drake's best songs including "Hotline Bling"…

#474 by Robert M. Drake #rmdrake @rmdrk Book update. I’m almost done with “beautiful chaos” which is my third installment. It should be released sometime in August. I’ll keep you guys posted. Also here is the longer version of “she smiled at the ocean BC the waves told her story.” Hope you all like it. (at find me on facebook @rmdrk)

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'it just did not make sense at all because the more i tried to forget you, the more everything reminded me of you." - r.m. drake

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