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I've seen this photo many times before, and I've always said, "cool photo of Draco contemplating life over a fire whiskey" or "nice Tom Felton jack Daniels ad" but now I'm like, "it's Erich Blunt! He's totally the killer."

21 Totally Crush-Worthy Literary Characters

Tom Felton - seja como Draco ou qualquer outro personagem que Felton pegue nas mãos o cara dá um banho de talento .

the handsome gentle man.or Draco Malfoy.the sexy bad boy? I love them both!

Draco Malfoy is definitely one of my favorite characters. He could have been great, but he was born into the wrong family.

draco malfoy will always be one of my favourite characters

(Can someone be Draco?) I walk past him and quickly look away. 'There is no way he would ever like you, Amber. You are just a Hufflepuff who is never noticed by anyone...'

Tom Felton (played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies)

Omfg!!just read the article no offense but to me its more like a comedy show and the comment section is just hilarious!!

Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED - Chapter Twenty Six

Draco Malfoy was harrys biggest enemy but he saved his life even when he tried to kill him. Just like Javert tries to kill Valjean

Draco Malfoy ~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Draco is my favorite and in this movie he's even more perfect!


sassy-damon: “ allof-time-and-space: “ mushroomtale-fanart: “ I like his hair better like this. x ) ” sassy-damon I hope you have seen this.

Tom Felton - Tìm với Google Draco Malfoy

Which Male "Harry Potter" Character Is Your Soulmate?

((RP)) It was 8th year at Hogwarts, after the war, the teachers decided to make an 8th year to make up for the year before. Draco was having a problem that begun the first week. He was falling in love. And not with just anyone, she was a transfer from Ilvermorny. A muggle-born and Griffindoors newest 8th year student. How will he deal with this strong willed sassy American girl, when he has believes that he'll have to complete against Harry Potter for her heart? ((Be Draco, everyone lives…

Here's what Tom Felton has to say about Emma Watson's childhood crush