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from Fine Art America

Mad Hat by J Ferwerda

October 6th 2013, National Mad Hatter Day! It's always fun to go a little mad; giggle, dance, add too much sugar to your tea. Today is the day, where being a little mad is very appropriate! In 1986 some computer-folk in Boulder, CO celebrated a general day of silliness, inspired by the drawings of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice In Wonderland. It was announced that year on computer networks, becoming more popular as people realized its value. Mad Hatter Hat (by J Ferwerda):


Trying to keep up with inktober... But I started this drawing at work on the computer and I wanted to have closure! Haha. #astronaut #character #oodlesofdoodle #sketchtillyouwretch #sketchaday #sketch #drawtillyoubawl #digital #space #doodle #girl #artistworkout


Perfectly imperfect #inktober day 16. I always love drawing something very linear and geometric that could be done so perfectly on a computer but when done by hand has imperfections in it. #beinghuman #wip #workinprogress #inktober2016 #drawing #sharpie #lines #grids #hatching #tile #albaquirky

Catching up … a few more inches and you’ll be tall like daddy! Ok.. so.. this morning, Max woke up early and came to see me( I wake up earlier than everybody so I can get some work done in the morning). I was at the computer and Max wanted to show me...

from Etsy

New York City Skyline Download

New York City Skyline téléchargement par TheGoldGoose sur Etsy


So true but, I'm a PC girl. ;)

from Fubiz Media

Geometric Birds Drawn with an iPad

Geometric Birds Drawn with an iPad – Fubiz Media


Raspberry Pi as a NAS (Network Attached Storage)

A NAS or network attached storage, is the best way to keep your data backed up and stream and access content from all the devices connected to the network. But a NAS is really a computer that is connected to the network and computers can draw a large amount of current, especially as it is powered on all the time.So in today tutorial I'm going to show you how to convert your Raspberry Pi as a NAS, a raspberry pi is a low powered device and it would drag only a fraction of what power is used…

Hiii~ I wasn’t able to draw on my computer today, so I draw in my sketchbook few ideas without much thought. Enjoooy~