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Bring Dried Vegetables Back to Life

Remember all those dried vegetables you carefully dehydrated and stored away? It’s time to bring them out and use them to cook with – but do you know how to bring them back to a usable state of re-hydration so you can present them to your family? Commercially-produced dried foods today are at a 2% …

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The taste of summer in yellow squash chips

Taste of Summer in Yellow Squash Chips - The bounty of the garden always comes alive with the baskets of yellow summer squash making their way into my kitchen. I am always looking for new ways to work them into my meal plans so this year I found a way to work them into my snack plan.

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Dry vegetable soup recipes. These soups mixes can be stored between 6 – 12 months and would make a great addition to food stuffs for the long winter months. >> There are a few recipes here!

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How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes - When your garden harvests a ton of tomatoes, make delicious Sun Dried Tomatoes.

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Using Dehydrated Vegetables

You're all dried up! How do you use all your dehydrated veggies?

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Vegetable Broth Mix Recipe | All-Purpose Seasoning

DIY boullion for broth, can be used to replace chicken or beef boullion cubes that are filled with msg and other things. I really need this for my chicken noodle soup!!

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Vegetable Dehydrating 101

During harvest season, my dehydrator lives on my kitchen counter. Herbs, greens, fruits, veggies – everything get dried and neatly tucked away for use year round. I love how little space dried foods take up, and that they don’t require electricity for storage. This post covers basic instructions for vegetable dehydrating, to help you preserve “the good stuff” from your garden or farmers market.

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Make Vegetable Powders

Dehydrated vegetables can be ground into powders for making stocks or soups. Drying batches of the same vegetable produces the most uniform results, especially when they've been grated in advance. The dried vegetables can then be combined with other types to be ground into flavoursome mixes.

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Dehydrating Food - How to Dry Vegetables, Peppers, Tomatoes and more.

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