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How to Prepare Driftwood for Aquarium or Terrarium Use

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How To Make Your Own DIY Aquarium Driftwood One thing that I’ve never really grown out of is the terrible habit of walking on the beach looking for pretty things to pick up and bring home. Doesn’t really matter if it’s broken up pieces of sea glass or an interesting seashell, ...

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Aquarium Driftwood Hardscape To Make A Beautiful Centerpiece. Purchase driftwood for your aquarium at

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How sterilize Driftwood - soak the driftwood in a bathtub full of water for a couple hours. Put the driftwood in the oven, between 250F and 300F, with the oven door either slightly open or closed until it has baked dry, 1-3 hrs depending on how thick the piece is.

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Betta Nano Cube with driftwood and live plants. Purchase driftwood for your aquarium at

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After umpteen trips to various stores for lighting, plants, fish and such, plus equally umpteen deliveries from Amazon for hardware, test kits, etc., this is where I am right now with my new tank. I wanted to create a possible scene from a lake bed in which the fish will have plenty of hiding places and hopefully feel at ease, with their comfort being my first priority, but I tried to balance that with a sort of purposely unkempt/wild look to everything (without looking like no thought was…

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Beautiful Driftwood Roots For Fish Tank Background. Purchase natural driftwood for your aquarium here:

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