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obama flaunts erection to female reporter. video buried by cnn until now..He is actually doing it, not just saying it? CAN YOU ALL SAY GROSS!

DRUDGE REPORT 2016®: New flood of illegals sneak through hidden routes


Bernie Lope on Twitter: "@jimjacobs11 @Rockprincess818 @DRUDGE_REPORT Hillary is Lucifer "


CNN ORDERS BLACKOUT ON CLINTON 'SON' - CNN box Jeff Zucker has directly ordered network staff not to cover shocking allegations made by Arkansas resident Danney Williams. He claims to be Bill Clinton's biological son. (10/12/16)


ARMS DEALER TIES HILLARY TO ARMING ISIS IN LIBYA, SYRIA DOJ drops charges to protect Clinton's presidential campaign


PROPAGANDA: TRUMP-LIKE CHARACTER ACCUSED OF RAPE ON TV SHOW Episode inspired by questionable accusations of rape against Trump


DRUDGE REPORT 2016®-Hey bro, you look like another from another mother. Welcome to the Clinton Family. Keep your Father, but step mommie won't tolerate you. She thinks your racist!!!