When they explained the drummer phenomenon: | 21 Photos That Prove You Should Never Listen To Tumblr Users About Science

When they explained the drummer phenomenon:

When John and Paul were asked how they really felt about Ringo: | 9 Times The Beatles Proved They Were Cheeky

Funny pictures about Poor Ringo Star. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Ringo Star. Also, Poor Ringo Star photos.

LOL Oh Tre... Your such a fantastic drummer.

LOL Oh Tre. Your such a fantastic drummer. My dad is a drummer no offence dad he is so much better than you!

Worst Drummer Ever

Unless it is the world's smallest violin, the t-rex probably shouldn't take up an instrument.

Perhaps that's why the Master is driven by the drumbeat. Voices telling him to kill and destroy drove him to the edge, then as a desperate attempt to stop the madness, he found the drums. But he didn't realize that the drums were what would make him insane. The constant, incessant sound of drums pushed him closer to the precipice of his mental stability, but the bloodshed of the Time War drove him into the freefall of insanity. He tried to fix himself, but the antidote became the poison.

Drummers,quotes life, to live by, I play drums to silence the voices in my head,