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YEAH!!!! Our grade has 10 drummers, and 4 of them are girls (this is including me). We call eachother the "Chicks with sticks"! GIRLPOWER IN THE BAND ROOM <<< that is awesome lol

Can't decide what I think about this: "Hit Like A Girl - The 2014 Drumming Contest For Women"

You know if...

Since I lack the motivation to do anything else. Today my pretty drum kit gets shined up. She's damn dusty.

Drummers do it better @Christine Holmes for you ;)

Lol & the coolest thing is, the best drummer ever in history is my BFF! He's so GIFTED!

God is our drummer.

God is our drummer. Life is not what we drum up for God but what He drums up in us. Drumming drummers, drum kit sets, drum sticks for God Gary W.

Perhaps that's why the Master is driven by the drumbeat. Voices telling him to kill and destroy drove him to the edge, then as a desperate attempt to stop the madness, he found the drums. But he didn't realize that the drums were what would make him insane. The constant, incessant sound of drums pushed him closer to the precipice of his mental stability, but the bloodshed of the Time War drove him into the freefall of insanity. He tried to fix himself, but the antidote became the poison.

Drummers,quotes life, to live by, I play drums to silence the voices in my head,