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3D Printed DSLR Slider! Cheaper than 20$

Follow the instructions on instructable! And PLEASE vote me for the PRINTING CONTEST! I'll soon share the sketch and parts to motorize it!


DIY "PRO" DSLR slider for $10

I wanted to make my own camera slider after seeing multiple diy videos how to make one on Youtube. Some of the sliders I saw were too expensive and kind of difficult to make. And who would pay lets say $50 for a diy slider when you could buy a real one for about the same price. So here is my slider version and I hope you'll like it. That $10 price does not include the spray paint because it is optional and just for the looks.Just let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than…


3D Printed DSLR Slider! Cheaper than 20$