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DON'T FORGET! DST ENDS TONIGHT @ 2AM! (And according to this signals the onset of winter. I'm depressed already! But we get an extra hour of sleep at least!) QUICK POLL: how # s do YOU have 2 tonite? #DSTendingTONITE #fallback #daylightSAVINGtime #2am

Red is the color of blood, a ruby, and strawberries. Next to orange at the end of the visible spectrum of light, red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness. Red is forever my favorite color!


Paperback Pachyderm Bookends

Paperback Pachyderm Bookends. A library as large as yours deserves the behemoth support of these playful elephant bookends. #gold #prom #modcloth

from Her Campus

BFF No More

This is so funny because of the double date were going on this weekend and we're going to probably end up ignoring the guys and just talking because let's admit it were way more fun than the guys.. And we need to discuss the shopping we did in the states


"Na juventude, era um jeito que eu tinha / Fazer o meu melhor para agradar / E mudar… / Para atender às suas teorias. / Mas agora eu sei as coisas que eu sei / E faço apenas o que gosto de fazer / E se você não gosta de mim assim, / Para o inferno, meu amor, com você. " - Dorothy Parker, Os Poemas Completos de Dorothy Parker