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"Understanding Duchamp" (previous pinner's description of this pin.) I APPRECIATE Duchamp; not brave enough to claim I UNDERSTAND him ;)

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Julieta ⚡ Locomotora on

#artninja @lornakor Marcel #Duchamp #LHOOQ #dadaism #rinascimento #readymade #leonardo #davinci #enjoythecommunity

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In advance of a Broken Arm: Dada artist Marcel Duchamp created his ‘Readymades’ as an alternative to representing objects in paint. He chose commercial objects to designate as art, titling them and displaying them in the same way of traditional works. MoMA, conceptual art, gallery, art history, contemporary, objects, blog post, Maxine Snider Inc.

"Marcel Duchamp presentò un pisciatoio come fontana. Questo oggetto che aveva sempre ricevuto getti liquidi, adesso li restituisce e diventa una fontana"

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