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ENOUGH with the duck face already...please!

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Bitches be like.... ~ all they do is show off their iphones, YOU HAVE A FRONT FACING CAMERA!!!

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Duck Hunting Season

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I love your duck face! Would you get upset if I threw some pieces of bread at you?

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memes about girls who retweet other girls selfies - Google Search #compartirvideos #funnypictures it looks like an ewok!

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Am I the only one who's against the duck face? Some girls are just desperate for cheap likes! #AgainstDuckFace

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Please, not another selfie.. We already know what a cunt looks like.

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Funny Elmer Fudd Duck Season Selfie Cartoon

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Back when it was actually cute…

I'm going to assume this is a recent photograph made to look vintage, because I like to imagine women in World War II didn't make that stupid face, and I've never seen pictures of them doing so. Also the person I got this from said love. Huh?

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Ugh stop! Accept u were born with tiny lips stop trying to make them bigger and take the pic..y'all look ridiculous

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