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"Serve with some flatbread, honeyed wine, and a table set with the strangest fruits you can find, and you’re golden." MORE RECIPES: #gameofthrones #duck #food

from Jim Vyse Arks Chicken Chat

Delicious duck friendly treats!

As well as their usual daily feed of commercial duck food you can also feed your ducks a variety of delicious treats and snacks. Some treats, like vegetables, can be fed every day and other treats,…

from Playground Parkbench

Make Way For and Feed the Ducklings

For generations, children have been reading Make Way for Ducklings, inspiring countless trips to the local pond to feed and visit the ducks. What most don't know is that bread and crackers are the worst food to feed these birds. Learn why and what you should feed ducks, along with a healthy homemade duck feed recipe | Ducks | Children's Books | Robert McClosky | Preschool |

from Timber Creek Farm

Best Tips For Raising Ducks

raising ducks including the basics of feed, water need (do they need a pool?) food, foraging and fencing to protect from predators. Are ducks the right choice for you?