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Four Front Doors: Duct Tape and Paperclip Necklace Tutorial Duct (Duck) tape in the color(s) of your choice Paperclips (I used small gold colored clips, but you can use any size and finish you like.) X-acto Knife or very sharp scissors Jewelry clasp and Jump Ring (optional)


Triangle Earrings Tutorial: Ever splurge on a gorgeous new outfit, & then wish you had matching accessories to finish off the look? Sandy Ang, of “Sandy’s Space” has a quick & easy (and inexpensive) DIY jewelry tutorial that shows how you can make your own elegant fashion earrings out of paper!


In this episode we show you How to make a Duct tape bow bracelet For more information about this tutorial visit : and English: Simple Kids Crafts ( is a video blog dedica...


I don't know about your kids but my girls love slap bracelets. I too, loved them as a kid and still think they are fun now. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own slap bracelet using three simple things: duct tape, a measuring tape, and scissors. For those of you who can n


30 DIY duct tape tutorials

Duct tape tutorials and DIY craft projects to create simple and easy creative home, kids and ladies items. Decorate and refresh old items with duct tape