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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory remained on the Duke energy payroll during his time as mayor of Charlotte. Critics say that with McCrory in the governor's mansion, state environmental regulators have given Duke a pass. At the time of the Dan River spill, environmental groups were in the process of suing to force the safe removal of ash ponds at three other riverside Duke Energy coal plants.

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If you voted for Trump because he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ guess what: You got conned

An organizational chart of Trump’s transition team shows it to be crawling with corporate lobbyists, representing such clients as Altria, Visa, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Verizon, HSBC, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, and Duke Energy. And K Street is positively salivating over all the new opportunities they’ll have to deliver goodies to their clients in the Trump era. Who could possibly have predicted such a thing? The answer is, anyone who was paying attention. Look at the people Trump is…

Were North Carolina Regulators Helping Duke Energy Avoid Big Fines? | Blog, Connecting the Dots |

2/18/14 Gov. Pat McCrory & Duke Energy. -- NO ONE reached out to residents .... When sewage & pollutants contaminate North Carolina's waters, the public was last to know..not even the boaters who paddle the Haw River in the winter. A week later, Duke Energy waited 26 hours to give public notice of an ongoing spill that filled the Dan River with millions of pounds of coal ash. 10 days after the leak was found, the state warned residents not to touch the sludgy material or eat fish from the…


If Duke Energy keeps up its remarkably self-serving agenda, the company should update its corporate slogan. Here's a suggestion.

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Duke Energy’s coal-ash spill has utterly ruined a river

An estimated 50,000 to 82,000 tons of coal ash and up to 27 million gallons of water were released Sunday into the Dan River in northern North Carolina. Duke Energy waited 24 hours to report major coal ash spill into Dan River.


Breaking: Duke Energy Caught Dumping Wastewater from Coal Ash Lagoon Into Local Watershed - "The revelation comes less than 2 months after the Dan River disaster, where at least 30,000 tons of coal ash spilled from another of Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash lagoons. The pumping also came just days before a fed'l grand jury convenes in Raleigh to hear evidence in a criminal investigation of Duke Energy, the North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) & the handling of coal…


Judge Loretta Biggs sees no evidence that state regulators acted diligently or "in good faith" to enforce environmental laws at Duke Energy's Buck Steam Station.