Duo Eyelash Glue (Clear) #Eye #EyeLashes #LashGlue #Adhesives #EyelashAdhesives http://www.eyelashesunlimited.com/

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Best lash glue; note: For all those that love false eyelashes, this is the glue to use. I use the red one because the glue is colored grey/black, that gives off the illusion of wearing eyeliner when I put mine on.

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Лучший и доступный клей для ресниц и другой фигни DUO eyelash glue. Для кожи безопасен, есть в каждом корнере MAC, бывает черный и прозрачный, если есть планы клеить не только ресницы на него, лучше прозрачный.

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This waterproof dark glue for black or brown false lashes from Duo dries to dark black, so if you make a mistake, it looks like you just applied liner....

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DUO - Eyelash Adhesive #sephora. My favorite lash glue. I use the clear(blue tube), but that is just a personal preference. It also comes in black(red tube shown here).

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Fashion & Beauty Blog: DUO Eyelash Glue

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We demystify the real false eyelash glue users' concerns over Duo glue. Read our Duo eyelash glue review of ingredients and application and removal problems.

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DUO EYELASH GLUE VS EYLURE LASHFIX ADHESIVE. Click on this article for a REVIEW on #Duo false eyelash glue (most popular products for at home application of #FalseLashes) VS #Eylure lashfix adhesive and compare their ingredient #safety. ALSO,... find out which of these two is considered #safer and why, and determine which of these two #eyemakeup products is BEST FOR YOU!

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