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Best lash glue; note: For all those that love false eyelashes, this is the glue to use. I use the red one because the glue is colored grey/black, that gives off the illusion of wearing eyeliner when I put mine on.


Eyelash Adhesive

Лучший и доступный клей для ресниц и другой фигни DUO eyelash glue. Для кожи безопасен, есть в каждом корнере MAC, бывает черный и прозрачный, если есть планы клеить не только ресницы на него, лучше прозрачный.


DUO GLUE (Brush-On Adhesive)<<< I have this in my makeup bag and it's easy to apply and will stay on for a long time. I'm a performer and I wear a lot of stage makeup and perform for long period of time in the hot sun and my false eyelashes stay on. I highly recommend it


Duo Eyelash Glue (Clear)

Duo Eyelash Glue (Clear) #Eye #EyeLashes #LashGlue #Adhesives #EyelashAdhesives


This waterproof dark glue for black or brown false lashes from Duo dries to dark black, so if you make a mistake, it looks like you just applied liner....


Duo eyelash glue white clear

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Duo Eyelash Glue Review – Real Users’ Concerns Listed

We demystify the real false eyelash glue users' concerns over Duo glue. Read our Duo eyelash glue review of ingredients and application and removal problems.


Duo Eyelash Glue vs Eylure Lashfix Adhesive

DUO EYELASH GLUE VS EYLURE LASHFIX ADHESIVE. Click on this article for a REVIEW on #Duo false eyelash glue (most popular products for at home application of #FalseLashes) VS #Eylure lashfix adhesive and compare their ingredient #safety. ALSO,... find out which of these two is considered #safer and why, and determine which of these two #eyemakeup products is BEST FOR YOU!