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March 20, 1602: The Dutch East India Company is founded. The Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-indische Compagnie) was founded through the sponsorship of the Dutch government, who granted it a monopoly over trade in the East Indies through a charter that was set to expire after twenty-one years. The company could, through this charter, build forts and conduct military and diplomatic activities in the area, which would help to protect and direct Dutch trade in the East Indies

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Dutch government ordered to cut carbon emissions in landmark ruling

Lots can be done to solve the problem of climate change -- we need to protect our Blue Dot. Strengthening our laws so that we have the right to live in a healthy environment is one significant step.

Dutch Government Announces Plan to End Use of Animals in Safety Testing by 2025 - The Dutch National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used in Scientific Research has published an advisory opinion on how the goal can be achieved.

Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is 'Zionist plan'

A SENIOR official from the Dutch government claimed that militant group Islamic State (IS) was created by Zionists in order to discredit Islam.

Song 'Kamervragen 2' by Lange Frans smashed the Dutch Government #kamervragen #politics #netherlands

10 best free things to do in Paris

Using one logo / and color to bring over 200 different agencies under one roof. A case study: The Dutch Government

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The Hague

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