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Phillip ll King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor.

English military intervention in the Dutch revolt / by Stephen Gregory. Birmingham : Thesis (B.A.)--University of Birmingham, [Department of History], Medieval and Modern History, 1970. Looks like a hardcopy

Dutch Sea Beggars medal Translation: Rather Turkish than Papist -- In Spite of the Mass

17 Provinces of the Netherlands prior to the Dutch Rebellion

Dutch Revolt - Wikipedia

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William of Orange, or William the Silent led the Dutch to fight for freedom from the Spanish during the Thirty Year’s War. What a babe!

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A portrait of William Of Orange. By Adriaen Thomasz Key, 1580. Also widely known as William the Silent, main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish that resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. Born in the House of Nassau as Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, became Prince of Orange in 1544.Founder of the branch House of Orange-Nassau, ancestor of the monarchy of the Netherlands.

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