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For the kitchen - or dining room - A classic 17th Century Dutch Still Life painting, such as this breakfast spread by Pieter Claesz


Vermeer Still Life Vermeer never painted a still life as such, but many of his interiors included them. A white jug like this appears in a 3 of his 37 paintings, a maid asleep, the girl with a wineglass and the music lesson. These images include seduction and inebriation, those were very prudish times.I have had great difficulty finding a pure white delft jug, but I managed to finally get one, with a little help from a can of spray paint.


Dutch still-life paintings amaze me. In person, the detail is unbelievable. It leaves me in awe. #art


Bas Meeuws (1974) is a passionate photographer who has given a new twist to the traditional Dutch still life with flowers. Meeuws does not paint his flowers with a brush and oil paints, as his famous predecessors from the 17th century did. His images come from a digital reflex camera.