Nick Posey(Dylan O'Brien)- First born in 1910 Nick Posey fought in World War II. He discharged with full honors and married a nurse he met during the war. They had two children and lived full lives. He died in 1990 just two months before his son was shot in The Gulf War. This is his second life and Laura is a savior to him. The confusion he felt as he started to remember his past life was overwhelming and with out her he wouldn't have made it through.

Dylan OBrien: The suit is amazing and very classic. I need one of these. A man in a nice suit.

Dylan O'Brien! So hot!

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Dylan O'Brien, an actor who can make me laugh and scare the crap out of me with his insane acting skills.  Love him in "Teen Wolf".

39 Things That Prove Stiles Is Still the Best Part of Teen Wolf

39 Things That Prove Stiles Is the Best Part of Teen Wolf: OK, it's kind of a given that Teen Wolf is loaded to the brim with hotties and rippling abs, so much so that we often wonder which character we'd wind up dating.

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Alright, far to young for myself. But dang it he is a cutie and his personality seams pretty fucking awesome!

Teen Wolf: iPhone Cases & Skins

Dylan O'Brien on a motorcycle , I have a type.I know I do, Great sense of humor/personality, great hair, great eyes.and a motorcycle.

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by sterekandstuff (Stiles Stilinski, Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf Fanart) May be photoshopped, but I like it!

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Dylan O'Brien I know this makes me a cougar or a cradle robber but its ok.