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Everyone's favorite maze runner and (mostly) human pack member Dylan O'Brien turned 24 on Wednesday and it's time to celebrate.

Celebrate Dylan O'Brien's birthday with his most GIF-able moments

Dylan O'Brien - Dylan’s Giffoni Film Festival Photoshoot

((FC: Dylan O'Brien)) Name: Void, Age: 19, psychopathic, revengeful, leader of Cold Blood and hateful towards agents of Bad Blood, Headmistress's son and Katherine's brother. Very dark character as well. ((Comment to claim, repost as a regular bio. Additional questions ask @QueenofFandoms1))

Dylan OBrien: The suit is amazing and very classic. I need one of these. A man in a nice suit.

Dylan O'Brien as Stuart in The Internship. He was so amazing in this, I love how much of a jerk he is :)

Wolfe- Alice and Wonderland Disorder and Synesthesia He is medium height and medium weight He is happy, creative, sarcastic, and bad eye sight

Dylan O'Brien, now that Jenessa and I have discovered he's of age for me to think he's cute, or adorbs as JJ says :-P

Keep calm is so overused, but what the heck? Its Dylan o'brian for gods sake

Dylan O'Brien is bae

Dylan O'Brien and Louis Tomlinson are my bae of baes. My favourite characters are Stiles Stilinski, Magnus Bane, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers

so, I'm totally going for the Mets this year :)

Teen Wolf Photo: Dylan O'Brien - Troix Magazine 'Boys of Summer' Issue (Scans & Outtakes)

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Most like likely dyl spray, because I am closest to his age 😂 but if not Dylan and Cody will be great also 👌🏻