Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar his smile though!!!!!! He is sooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!! Love him!!!!!!!!

Mon préféré, le plus beau,Liam Dunbar as Dylan Sprayberry 💓💓💓

Dylan Sprayberry

hey I'm Liam I'm single and a beta my little sister is Chloe grace i love to play lacrosse i also have I.D so that makes me strong and dangerous come say hi

Fc Dylan Sprayberry) Hi I'm Axle, you probably don't know who I'm named after but that's cool. I'm a big fan of music ever and I'm in a band myself I'm the lead singer/guitarist (comment to join)

Love at first sight?( Teen Wolf / Liam Dunbar fanfic)

Stiles Stilinski & Liam Dunbar.....everyone in this show is extremely attractive <3 ESPECIALLY LIAM PLAYED BY DYLAN SPRAYBERRY

Stiles Stilinski & Liam Dunbar my favorite episode was when they kidnapped Liam

tyler posey and dylan sprayberry. ❤️❤️❤️

Dylan Sprayberry on

Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry on the set of Teen Wolf! Scott and Liam!