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Dynamic Range Compression - Savior or Enemy


Acoustat, a typical electrostatic panel loudspeaker, had tremendous clarity and detail but tended to beam high frequencies resulting in a narrow listening position. At one time many companies made electrostatic speakers, now only a few DIYers and Martin-Logan (a 1980s company) remain in the USA. Dynamic range compression and lack of ability to produce high SPLs, especially in the bass, ended their widespread popularity in the USA.


The amazing Ohm Acoustics Walsh F omnidirectional loudspeaker. Its intricate vertical cone radiated different frequencies from different parts of the cone. The first of a kind of speaker known as a bending wave transducer. Incredibly deep and spacious stereo imaging but suffered some dynamic range compression. Deep bass seemed disembodied. Still, a wonderful speaker.


A state of the art wideband dynamic range controller. Perfectly suited to stereo bus compression and other critical applications.


FMs guide to mastering: Understanding dynamic range and compression


People mix up the two types of audio compression all the time. Dynamic range and lossy compression are very different things.

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High dynamic range imaging explained on Wikipedia.

SC8520 is a professional 2.0 Megapixel outdoor water-proof IR bullet IP camera, CMOS sensor and H.264 compression algorithm, support digital WDR (wide dynamic range ) and infrared function, can get perfect image in a variety of lighting conditions. The max resolution is 1920x1080@30fps. It support alarm input / output, RS485, SD card. Its water-proof level is IP66. It's suitable for outdoor environment where no light at night, like wall, gate, entrance, park, road and etc.