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E Coli Sepsis

Sepsis! Suspect it, and you save lives.


Prostatitis is the inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. The result is swelling, pain, urination problems, sexual dysfunction, feelings of tiredness and depression. In some cases, prostatitis presents no symptoms at all.

Artificial spleen cleans up blood - Device improves survival in rats after severe infections. | Nature

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Pyelonephritis (kidney infection) caused by E.coli bacteria can increase risk of kidney damage, sepsis

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The newly developed spleen-inspired device improves survival in rats after severe infections with everything from E. coli to Ebola.

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Pyelonephritis - E. Coli Kidney Infection

My daughter has pyelonephritis, a kidney infection, caused by a resistant strain of E. coli. Learn more about it here!


Cryptolepis Tincture root Extract (1oz) tegen Chron. lyme en MRSA

Escherichia coli Morphology: mixed rods Gram Stain: Gram-Negative bacilli Growth Characteristics: Grows well within 24 hours, in air at 35 C on routine laboratory media such as blood, MacConkey or chocolate agar. Grows in presence of bile salts. Ferments lactose on MacConkey plates (which turns the plate pink). Sorbitol MacConkey is used to isolate serotype O:157. Test Profile: glucose and lactose fermenter, indole positive

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Wiping out sepsis

New device aims to clean blood of everything from E. coli bacteria to Ebola. Harvard Gazette.

The Ups & Down (syndrome) of the Allred Family: Progress is Progress - Jacob's diagnosed with sepsis, e-coli, and possible meningitis