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Details about ERTL JOHN DEERE MODEL E FARM ENGINE 1/16th - New in Box (67)

ERTL JOHN DEERE MODEL E FARM ENGINE 1/16th - New in Box (67) #ERTL #JohnDeere


Wile E Farm Fresh Organic Yard Marker

Wile E Farm Fresh Organic Yard Marker | Shopping - The Best Deals on Garden Accents

Experimental modular farmhouse (1300 sq ft) with attached greenhouse (800 sq ft) - Factor e Farm (Missouri, US) - Built incrementally between Oct 2013 and Nov 2015 (click for more info)

Factor E Holiday: Worklife on an Open Source Farm -- Reflections from a visit to Factor E Farm, the rural Missouri farm that launched the Open Source Ecology movement and the Global Village Construction Set.


Our attached aquaponic greenhouse provides passive solar heating and year-round food production - Factor e Farm (Missouri, US) - Built in 2015 (click for more info). Update: you can now pledge for an Aquaponic Greenhouse Build, see the high end rewards.

Here is an explanation of the plant selection process for Open Source Ecology's intensive afforestation experiment at Factor e Farm in Missouri. With Shubhen...


On the 30 acre Factor e Farm, located about a mile from the small town of Maysville, 39 year-old Marcin Jakubowski lives in what the locals refer to as “the mud hut.” The funky dwelling is made of mud, sandbags, and cords of wood, but Jakubowski, who earned a PhD. in physics after writing a doctoral thesis about velocity turbulence and zonal flow detection, has a pretty sophisticated tech operation at the farm. He’s building tractors and other industrial machinery from scratch.