DIY Earphone Holder from a Mint Container for Music Lover:

20 Easy to Make DIY Gift Ideas and Tutorials

20 Easy to Make DIY Gift Ideas and Tutorials DIY Earphone Holder from a Mint Container for Music Lover Want great suggestions on arts and crafts? Go to this fantastic site!

13 cosas útiles que puedes hacer con los tapones de corcho.

To the rescue: a wine cork! Simply poke a hole in one end of the cork with a small nail, then use a sharp knife to cut a narrow sliver out of the other end. Insert the earbud plug into the hole, wrap the wires around the middle of the cork and slide the e

DIY Earbuds Holder | When I saw these cute shabby chic clothespins, I knew I had to create something fun with them.

DIY Earbuds Holder - Pinspired Friday

I purchased these beautiful decorative clothespins and made this easy earbuds holder.

Ear bud holder, keep your ear buds untangled.

Ear bud earbud holder, keep your ear buds untangled.

Credit Card Earbud Holders

How to Turn Old Credit Cards into Earbud Holders

DIY Earbud Holders from Old Credit Cards. Turn old credit cards into earbud holders! Your dad’s earbuds will never get tangled again. A good gift idea for this Father's Day!

Free Sewing Patterns | DIY Charging Station Accessories at

27 Simple Sewing Projects You Can Make In Less Than 5 Minutes!

What a great tutorial for this DIY Cord Keeper. Made from fabric scraps, this is definitely a great way to practice resourcefulness and save a buck on a sewing project.

This upcycled and personalized earbud case is the perfect gift for your music or podcast lover!

Upcycled Earbud Case! Super Easy to Make!!

Kids love having their stuff personalized and I love having their stuff organized! These upcycled personalized earbud cases are really a blast to make and are perfect for keeping in your purse, school backpack or whe

DIY Earbud Holder |DIY Minecraft and DIY Deadpool!

DIY Earbud Holder

Keep your earbuds organized and knot free with these DIY earbud holders! From a DIY Deadpool to DIY Minecraft, the possibilities are endless!

DIY earbud holder to keep them from tangling in my purse.

Earbud holder, just made it and took me less than 5 minutes, wayy better than spending money on one

DIY Taco Earbud Holder

Fun earbud holders for teens/school age kids. Encourages music/auditory activities as a coping skill.