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We reached a milestone! Teaching on Lemon Lane now offers 50 products!! Consider this FREEBIE a thank you! To stay up to date on new products, sales, and freebies make sure to follow my store Teaching on Lemon Lane!This is a great resource for anyone that teaches about early explorers, early exploration, reasons for exploration, and the routes taken.

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A few classroom activities/projects to get the kids thinking about early European Exploration. A flipbook on reasons for exploring and a map for sea monsters with descriptive writing.

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STEM and Early Explorers: Engineer a Navigation Tool

Are early explorers part of your curriculum? We have the perfect STEM activity to integrate into your unit: creating a compass! By combining what they know about magnets, directions, and engineering, your students will be challenged and inspired by this activity.

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Age of Exploration: Passages (Vol. 1)

PERFECT for Social Studies integration with ELA! Age of Exploration texts for 4th & 5th grade PERFECT for use in Social Studies context or integrated into ELA during guided reading groups! Could also be given as homework! Common core questions and answer keys included.

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God, Glory, and Gold -- Zentangle Explorer Ships

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