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Teething pops made from Frozen Breastmilk. Babies can begin teething quite early on. Both my boys started at 3 months!! At 3 months there isn't much you can do in the way of teething help, aside f...


According to this Audrina has got all of her teeth early so far... and some out of order. All she had left to come in are her second molars and her bottom left canine cuspid and she's 15 months.


Grain Free Teething Biscuits. Starting babies on grains too early can be hard on their guts, because they don't make the enzymes necessary to digest them. Here is a grain free alternative to the traditional teething biscuits that you can make in your own kitchen! #grainfree #teethingbiscuits


10 Natural Teething Remedies That ACTUALLY Work

10 Natural Teething remedies that ACTUALLY work! This is from a mother of 4 and Registered Nurse! She shares natural remedies to relieve teething pain. Great teething ideas for babies!


Ease your baby's teething discomfort while getting them started on early dental hygiene habits. The nubs and wide handle introduce your baby to a toothbrush, while the anti-choke shield prevents your child from over inserting. Soft-textured nubs soothe achy gums and the easy hold handle is...

As a mum, I know that sometimes, mesh feeders can get messy, right? This Boon silicone teething feeder has some bite to it; allowing for easy feeding with its interior firm stem that forces food out where babies can get to it.


Baby Rattle - Montessori Wood Teether - Eco-friendly Grasping Infant Toy - Organic Wooden Rattle (X)

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at