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Free Layers of the Earth Printables! Notebooking Pages, Science Journal, Nomenclature Cards, Labeling Worksheet, Charts, & Coloring Pages. Even the clipart to make your own resources, free at HomeschoolClipart...

from The Owl Teacher

Can YOU Stop Erosion

Engage students with these simple, fun hands-on science experiments that explore the earth science concept of erosion! Check out these engaging ideas and activities!

from I Can Teach My Child!

Make Your Own Ocean Zones in a Jar

Create a model of Ocean Zones (layers of the ocean) using a jar and several household ingredients!

Start the school year off right with this FREE first chapter of The Earth Science Interactive Notebook series: Intro to Earth Science. The concepts in this chapter will introduce some key vocabulary and enable students to start understanding the different systems of Earth and all the branches of science that Earth Science entails. Each chapter in the series will showcase many activities for the students (both middle and high school) to process the information given by teachers.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

STEM Activity Challenge Earthquake Resistant Building

STEM Challenge: Build an earthquake resistant house and then try it! Give it some vigorous shaking for 15 seconds! Will it stay upright?

from The Owl Teacher

Earthquake Experiments

Help your students learn about earthquakes through this engaging, hands-on science experiment! Students will understand the effects of earthquakes with this activity!