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America's Mistress: the Life and Times of Eartha Kitt, by John L Williams, review

"How remarkable that this girl, born dirt poor and illegitimate into segregated South Carolina, was able to seduce Mr Middle America. Her glamorous act affected ennui for the jewels, champagne and art dropped at her feet by the world’s richest white men, at a time when most black Americans were struggling for basic human rights, and it was still illegal for a black person to have sex with a white one in 28 out of 50 American states."

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good point! it's about who will be there when you need them to be. The problem is sometimes you think other people's intentions are as good as yours

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A man comes into my life and you have to compromise? For what? A relationship is a relationship that has to be earned! Not to compromise for. And I love relationships I think they're fantastically wonderful I think they're great. I think there's nothing in the world more beautiful than falling in love. But falling in love for the right reasons, falling in love for the right purpose. Falling in love. Falling in love! When you fall in love…what is there to compromise about? - Eartha Kitt

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The more I surrendered to myself, to the self that would not be limited and narrowly defined, the more glorious a time I had with me and with life. - Eartha Kitt

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"Beauty is not something to be dressed up. The Gods have done that. So keep it simple and let it shine all on its own."

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