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Yep, everyone has been on a party with that player. The weird thing is that they're either a walking death trap or mvp, never just average.


Tony: Don’t get us wrong, helping people is the name of the game. We do this for a good reason and we know the consequences. But when the earthquakes over, we’re the ones that have to deal with it Steve Bucky

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Geology Unit: Tectonic Plates Activity: Earthquakes, Faults, Hot Spots, etc

These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about plate tectonics and earthquakes. There are two versions which contain the following vocabulary terms: ♦ Convergent boundary, Divergent boundary, Transform boundary, Subduction zone, Fault, Convection current, Hot spot, Tectonic plate And ♦ Earthquake, Seismic wave, Magnitude, Epicenter, Seismologist, Seismograph, Continental drift, Pangaea