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Lotta's Fountain

The oldest surviving monument in San Francisco, Lotta's fountain was donated by singer/dancer Lotta Crabtree in 1875. Lotta began her career as a young girl performing for miners in gold country and went on to become one of America's most popular stage performers. After the earthquake in 1906, the fountain, which was one of the few remaining structures on Market Street, became a central meeting place for San Franciscans. The fountain is modeled after a set piece from one of her plays.


Fracking map of USA, Now 50 percent of these wells leak deep in the earth and air. how clear is the area you live. Reminder there is no way to clean the chemicals


When you read the story of Jericho, some prominent landmarks and one of the first victories as they entered the Promised Land was the city of Jericho, across the Jordan River. Description from I searched for this on


These NM-AZ border earthquakes fascinate me. Any theories on why they're happening? - 30 Days, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide