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The East African Rift Valley, a divergent boundary

New geology study raises questions about long-held theories of human evolution What came first: the bipedal human ancestor or the grassland encroaching on the forest? A new analysis of the past 12 million years’ of vegetation change in the cradle...

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NASA telescope catches black hole's rare light show

East African Rift, Kenya – The East African Rift is a classic example of rifting, an area where tectonic plates move apart from each other. Rifts often form stunning geological features. The East African Rift is characterized by deep valleys in the rift zone, sheer escarpments along the faulted walls of the rift zone, a chain of lakes within the rift, volcanic rocks that have flowed from faults along the sides of the rift, and volcanic cones where magma flow was most intense. Photo: Boyd…

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Why Is Africa Ripping Apart? Seismic Scan May Tell

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Huge Cache of Ancient Helium Discovered in Africa's Rift Valley

A "huge" cache of helium discovered in East Africa could ease a decades-long shortage of the rare and valuable gas. Researchers in the United Kingdom and Norway say the newly discovered helium gas field, found in the East African Rift Valley region of Tanzania, has the potential to ease a critical global shortage of helium, a gas that is vital to many high-tech applications, such as the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners used in many hospitals.

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Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #12

The lesser flamingo lives in Africa and are principally found in the East African Rift Valley and in southern Asia.