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Murchinson Falls, Uganda by Michael Trezzi ..... Murchison Falls, also known as Kabalega Falls, is a waterfall on the Nile. It breaks the Victoria Nile, which flows across northern Uganda from Lake Victoria to Lake Kyoga and then to the north end of Lake Albert in the western branch of the East African Rift.

Fig. 1. Digital elevation model (from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission – SRTM – data) showing the topographic expression of the East African Rift System. Inset shows a schematic plate kinematic setting of the area. BRZ: Broadly Rifted Zone; EAP: East African Plateau; ER: Ethiopian Rift; ESP: Ethiopian–Somalian plateaus; KR: Kenya Rift; MR: Malawi Rift; SAP: Southern African Plateau; TR: Tanganyika Rift.

The Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania


View of African Rift Valley

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Lake Malawi, Malawi

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Sadistic Mistress Sauces 6oz "East African Rift" Berbere spice seasoning blend

East African Rift This spice is the main ingredient in our signature sauce by the same name. It is a combination of 11 different spices, some

The World's Only Carbonatite Eruptions | L'angolo della Geologia. East African Rift volcanoes


Map of East Africa showing some of the historically active volcanoes(red triangles) and the Afar Triangle (shaded, center) -- a triple junction where three plates are pulling away from one another: the Arabian Plate, the African Plate, and the Somali Plate (USGS).


East African Rift Valley – Kijabe, Kenya