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8 Creative Ways People Went Over the Berlin Wall

429 An East German border guard defecting into West Germany during the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961


Sculpture by David Cerny's sculpture Next, we sought out one of Černý’s earlier works, Quo Vadis from 1990. The piece, a bronzed Trabant with four legs, commemorates the 4,000 East Germans who camped out in the gardens of the German Embassy in Prague before being granted permission to travel to West Germany in 1989. Many of the East Germans who traveled to West Germany left behind their Trabants, two-door sedans, produced by East German car manufacturer VEB

Retro DDR Trabant 601S T-Shirt, Classic East German car shirt. #Trabant #EastGermancar #DDR

Auto-Union Project: Trabant - the East German People's Car


A Trabbant in an alley: a classic scene from the 90s. Pollution regulation now means the few Trabbies are seen on Hungary`s streets. This tiny East German car, made from resin and cardboard, is now a collector`s item.


Old East German Car, Grey Shaded Sketch, Vector Hand Drawn Artwork, Wartburg


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East German cars, in particular a Trabant (R), also known as the Trabi, or as the "cardboard-box-on-wheels", the car which symbolised communist East Germany, wait at Unter den Linden avenue in East Berlin the opening of the crossing point under the Brandenburg Gate (background) into West Berlin after the opening of the Berlin Wall on November 09, 1989. (c)AFP/PATRICK HERTZOG ▼1Nov2014AFP|【特集】ベルリンの壁崩壊、AFPが捉えた歴史的瞬間


Free Image on Pixabay - East Side, Gallery, Berlin

East Side, Gallery, Berlin, Structures, Germany PeterDargatz

In this Trabi Safari, you will get the opportunity to explore East Berlin in an iconic Trabant vehicle that was a symbol of the East German car industry. Discover the remnants of Berlin's East and West divide and how Germany's capital city has transformed since reunification.