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Very helpful - Gives you the current time in EACH time zone across the US when you visit this site.

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How to Start a Blog: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

The best times to blog. One of the best webinars I attended in 2011 was the “The Science of Timing” by Dan Zarrella. I have a few books by Dan on my bookshelf as well. Dan has processed data over several years looking at how the timing of tweets and blog posts affect Social Media success. This infographic from Dan shows some revealing facts about when to publish blog posts

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Your walking down the hall and you hear singing coming from my room. You peak through the door while I'm still singing while I don't notice. I finally notice you and my cheek turns red! (( prefer the prince. But I guess it's ok))

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Pneumatic Addict Furniture: What Time Is It In Moscow?: Time Zone Clock Art

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The angels are reminding you again to focus only on your desires right now. The Law of Attraction is always responding to your thoughts and vibrations, so be clear on what you want! We have a new moon coming up Tuesday, a time of new beginnings, so start using that energy to your advantage now. It's interesting to note that, here in the Eastern time zone, the new moon occurs at 4:44pm. Powerful, indeed! #angels #guidance #oracle #lawofattraction #newmoon

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Reed Wilson Design Eastern Time Zone Clock | Baltic Birch

Known for crafting clever objects for your home, Reed Wilson Design's home decor often evokes deeper thinking and laughter simultaneously. Made in the USA, the Eastern Time Zone Clock is made with las

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This episode of the Wealthy Wednesday Show will knock your socks off. So grab your pen and paper and get all of the juicy details from Amanda C. Watts who delivers great tips and easy strategies! Don't miss out on this chance of listening to a great session and click on January 11, 2017. New Show! New Time! We now air at 12 Noon PST so those in the Eastern Time zone will enjoy us too! This is a great show and you will be impressed! #LuciMcMonagle #Wealthywednesday #

n November 18, 1883, at high noon a standardized way of keeping time was instituted throughout North America. A few years later, a Canadian civil engineer, Sanford Fleming, spiced things up even more by developing the concept of different time zones. Florida happens to be the only state on the eastern seaboard to fall partially in the Central Time Zone. The eastern part of Florida falls in the Eastern Time Zone, while the western part of the Florida panhandle falls in the Central Time Zone.