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The loose watercolor rose mini tutorial is finally here! I took my time formulating an easy way to learn it: using outlines! 1. So first, print out or sketch out a rough doodle of a rose - from whichever angle you like. Pencil sketches are best so that it is not too visible in the end! :) 2. After that, try to fill in those petals with watercolor with one stroke each petal. You will notice that the outer the petals get, the wider the color surface is. So use more pressure to the brush when…


Watercolor print of cobalt blue flowers: "True Blue Orchids"

What I like about this Art Print Giclee of a Watercolor Painting by karenfaulknerart is not only the dainty feel and the hues of blue but the simplicity of the design and the difficulty of the technique. It may look easy but it's not :)