Fat-Fat totems from le animalé www.leanimale.com

Le Sloth Fat-Fat Figurine - MADE TO ORDER

Cute and easy polymer clay balloon animal !!

Cute and easy polymer clay balloon animal ! - this is an image only - no link to website or tute. But it's very cute and if I get into polymer clay I bet it would be easy to figure out how to do it.

Easy+Polymer+Clay+Charms | Polymer Clay Pendants! They’re easy to make from oven bake clay ...

These DIY Damask Polymer Clay Pendants are so easy to make from oven bake clay, rubber stamps and paint.

Tutorial: Easy Polymer Clay Flowers

The Crafty Crabs: Craft Projects and Tutorials: Tutorial: Easy Polymer Clay Flowers

Super easy polymer clay flowers; not into the artwork, but the flowers are perfect for phot frames or my future napkin rings ;D

Sue - easy polymer clay flowers perfect for photo frames or napkin rings. Scroll down to see a multi-compartment Ceramic Flower Bloom jewelry holder, wall pocket for plants and other projects

DIY Polymer Clay Pies

DIY Polymer Clay Pies

Remove “Clay Muck” from Your Sheets and Blends by KatersAcres. I love that she posts tutorials like this, she also has one for how to rescue and condition old, hard clay!

Here's some quick & easy polymer clay tips for easy "clay muck" removal from your sheets and your blends. All you need is a sculpting tool & patience!

Easy Kawaii Pokémon Charms polymer clay tutorial

How to Make Cute & Easy Adventure Time Polymer Clay Charms with Princess Bubble Gum, Little Marceline & BMO.