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35 Clever DIYs Made With Yarn

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24 Easy & Clever DIY Crafts And Project Ideas…

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Wrap your scrap yarn around pipe cleaners to make yarn letters. The blog says it's for kids but I think it's bloody cute and am having a go!

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28 Super Easy Yarn DIYs That Require Zero Knitting

You have some leftover yarn? Here's some fun ways to use it! No needles required.

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11 Super Simple Yarn Projects (No Knitting Required

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Easy to Make Pom-pom Bunnies for Kids. How cute the bunnies are! They are much easier to make than you can imagine even with the kids hands. Tutorial via

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Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft - Valentines Day Crafts

A cute and colorful easy yarn heart craft! A perfect fine motor skill for you preschooler to work on this Valentine's Day!

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28 Super Easy Yarn DIYs That Require Zero Knitting

Make one-of-a-kind feathers with scraps of yarn. | 28 Super Easy Yarn DIYs That Require Zero Knitting

Straw weaving. This is fun. I did this with all my fifth grade classes this past school year. They loved it! Sucking the yarn through the straws got a lot of giggles! :) Easy project! "Over, under, over, under...go around & do the same thing again on the other side!" Tip: Don't get the straws that bend at the top!

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