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35 Save Money Greenery Fern Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for some special greenery décor details, pay your attention to fern leaves. It isn’t an expensive plant but chic, elegant and easy-to-use. No matter when your wedding is, ferns are good for all seas.

Repurpose Prescription Bottles | re-cycled a prescription vial, also known as prescription bottle to ...

Reusing plastic pill bottles

# Week 9: In order to make a city more sustainable, the city itself has to be as self dependent as possible. One way to achieve that goal is through vertical and rooftop farming in high density areas. Using hydroponic technology, the cost of agriculture is less than traditional methods and provides food and natural atmosphere to  severely urban areas.

Ever thought about Rooftop farming? And how about Hydroponics? Here's a handy guide on the benefits on combining the two.

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105 Creative Succulent Wedding Decor Ideas

Wrapped in paper saves cost of container. Let love grow, succulent wedding favors // Sweet Julep Photography LLP

Vincent Callebaut's Wooden Orchids reimagines the shopping mall as a living, breathing ecotopia | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Wooden Orchids reimagines the shopping mall as a living, breathing ecotopia

Vincent Callebaut designed a beautiful shopping center mimicking orchids that takes the guesswork out of conscientious consumerism in China

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28 Absolutely Delightful Pieces Of Fan Art Inspired By Lupita Nyong'o

owl lilustration art Owl custom drawing on old book page- own your own one of a kind owl on paper - eco / green / recycled / fantastic

greenery garland backdrop - photo by Briana Arlene Photography

Airy Romantic Wedding Inspiration

An infographic outlining the many environmental, financial and health reasons to build green.

Why build green homes? Green building is smart building. Aside from their obvious benefit to the environment, green buildings deliver financial savings, are more comfortable, healthier, return higher productivity rates and have higher resale values.

Thinking about making your home a bit more environmentally friendly? Here are some small changes you can make that are both budget, and eco-friendly.

Affordable Green Technology for Your Home

BIDETS should be on this list! Reducing toilet paper greatly reduces tree deforestation and water use !

"The average company savings per full-time teleworking employee is $ 10,000 annually" (it's even more when switching from employees to virtual assistants/professionals) Going green at the office infographic

How to go green at the office [Infographic]

Infographic: Living sustainably doesn't have to mean spending more money #sustainableliving #gogreen

The Green Lifestyle vs. The Typical Lifestyle - infographic sustainable, cost-effective, and Earth-friendly living.

Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week from Pinterest: Wedding Bouquets

Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week from Pinterest: Wedding Bouquets - Boho Weddings

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Use in indicative design to show an acknowledgement of the potential for passive solar gains which could be harnessed through green technology to be implemented in development