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Easter Recipes for Cookies, Cocktails, Cake & Truffles

The Cutest Recipes to Make this Easter | RABBIT CAKE | Covered with edible grass and a chocolate bunny, this impressive confection only looks labor intensive – you can even use a store-bought cake as a shortcut.

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6 cool cakes for Easter that are actually easier than they look. No pastry degree required

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Grass - 99% of grass varieties can be eaten. The seed heads can be used as a millet for breads or filler for soups and stews. Chew on the fibrous base of stalks for beneficial juices or make tea from fresh or dried leaves. #survival

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Easter Mason Jar Ideas

Chocolate bunny, malt robins eggs, edible grass. Cute! or

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Homemade Edible Easter Grass (gluten free Vegan dye free) DIY-Super easy grass using shredded coconut and spinach.

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15 Cheerful Ways to Use Mason Jars This Easter

Fill a Mason Jar with an unwrapped chocolate Easter bunny, edible grass, and candy eggs for a visually appealing Easter treat. Get the recipe at Dixie Delights. -

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Grow your own lemongrass...great in Asian recipes and is one of the top 5 plants (from another link) that mosquitoes do not like. 3 more are marigolds, rosemary, catnip. Hmm, that last one escapes me!

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Cupcake edible spray paint!! LOVE these, I used them on my Father's day cake last year and it turned out great!

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