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3D Edible Seaweed Jelly Art Cakes by Ms. Aki – Cakesbyvalval

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Not only Nori and Kombu: 8 Edible Seaweeds You Should Try

The most ancient vegetable ingredient deriving from a sea-based culinary tradition, seaweed is no more an Asian ingredient only: here are 8 algae you sould try.

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How to Identify Edible Seaweed

Chlorella and spirulina are fresh water algae. According to Beth M. Ley Ph.D., author of “Chlorella: The Ultimate Green Food,” chlorella is...


Day 80 - Edible Seaweed / Algues MangeableMost edible seaweeds are marine algae whereas most freshwater algae are toxic. While marine algae are not toxic, some do contain acids that irritate the digestion canal, while some others can have a laxative and electrolyte-balancing effect. (cf. wikipedia)

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Types of Edible Seaweeds

While having sushi, have you ever thought about what seaweed is used in this dish. Find out what are the edible seaweeds used to make these delicious foods, from the article written below.