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How to Identify Edible Seaweed

Chlorella and spirulina are fresh water algae. According to Beth M. Ley Ph.D., author of “Chlorella: The Ultimate Green Food,” chlorella is...

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This popular Korean soup, myukguk, is made with edible seaweed and also known as the "birthday soup".

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Cooking for Health: How to forage for edible seaweed. A simple guide to foraging for seaweed or sea vegetables, such as kelp, laver, dulse, nori, wakame, kombu, for use in cooking. Please visit my website at and sign up for my newsletter by clicking here:

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The Body Enlightenment Blog » Blog Archive » Improve Your Natural Food Diet with Edible Seaweeds

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Not only Nori and Kombu: 8 Edible Seaweeds You Should Try

The most ancient vegetable ingredient deriving from a sea-based culinary tradition, seaweed is no more an Asian ingredient only: here are 8 algae you sould try.

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Foraging in the Pacific Northwest The following guides are for identifying wild edible plants, edible mushrooms, seaweed, and other edibles in the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and the Rocky Mountains.

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