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Wikipedia | Edmund Muskie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Former active politician and United States Secretary of State during the 1960's or 70's


Hubert H. Humphrey and Edmund Muskie life magazine cover: 6 Sep 1968

Muskie visits S.A. as 1968 V.P. candidate

Sept. 9, 1968, photo from the Express of Edmund Muskie visiting San Antonio as 1968 vice presidential candidate. For more, click on the link.


Overthrowing the Electoral College: The Margaret Chase Smith and Edmund Muskie experience | Daily Bulldog

Small Campaign Poster Sen. Edmund Muskie 1972 - 1972, Campaign, Edmund, MUSKIE, Poster, Sen., small

Details about 1968 Hubert HUMPHREY Edmund MUSKIE Campaign Logo Button (3933)

hubert humphrey 1968 | Details about 1968 Hubert HUMPHREY Edmund MUSKIE Campaign Logo Button ...


In November, comments closed on a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to redefine “waters of the United States,” as set forth in the Clean Water Act of 1977. While Sen. Edmund Muskie, Maine Democrat, author of the 1977 law, required 88 pages for his entire statute, this spring’s Federal Register notice ran 370 pages, not counting appendixes, one of which hit 300 pages alone. Little wonder the new “wetland” rules have generated controversy and…


Hubert Humphrey delegates show their love at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Humphrey, then-vice president, was nominated to be the party’s presidential candidate, along with Maine Senator Edmund S. Muskie as the...

Ed Muskie | Edmund Muskie | Edmund Sixtus "Ed" Muskie (March 28, 1914 – March 26 ...