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Best rant ever...some teachers are so cruel. I had a few. Being a teacher is so important. You are fostering and nurturing the youth. Kids aren't there for you to use and abuse to make you feel better.


This is the caste system in India. My baap and Sassur were both part of the Brahmin caste. However, this does not always mean that we are the wealthiest. Both my family and my groom's family have stuggled with money all our lives.


Many societies that believe in the Evil Eye also adhere to a strict caste system, like the one in India. It is often those at the bottom of the caste, the "untouchables" who are blamed and accused of casting the Evil Eye upon those higher up in the caste system.


The Caste System of Ancient India. The caste system organizes division of labour and money in human society. It's a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.


You KNOW something's wrong with the education system when people hope for disasters, fake illness, consider killing themselves, hoping they have an appointment, or hoping they're going on a trip and they're leaving on a school day. Basically, hoping for ANYTHING to get out of school.


The Caste System explained and an addition about Ancient Indian society. The Caste System was a major part of the Indus River Valley civilization.


When to plan study abroad - wish to study abroad can be tedious, time consuming and hectic, keeping in mind the competitive education system in India?


Gaps Between Educational Reforms And Education System In India

StirYourSouls: Gaps Between Educational Reforms And Education System In India

This is a topic almost all of us are aware about, and many have even experienced it at some point in their life. While the education system is something that keeps changing and evolving throughout the world, in India, it apparently doesn’t move anywhere.