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The gov't is out of control..!!!!!!!!! States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms Wednesday, January 30, 2013 by: Ronnie Cummins Learn more:

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Gulf Oil Spill

this is influential bc this describes how bad the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico really was and how bad, not only people but the animals were effected. Gulf Oil Spill 2010 by June Andrews


Map Displays Five Years of Oil Pipeline Spills | Mapping 7 million gallons of crude oil spills - A thousand pipeline ruptures or spills reported nationwide in the past five years.


Psychological abuse is a subtle method used to destroy a child's sense of well being, to instill fear or terror, or prevent, undermine or destroy confidence. The use of psychological abuse, brutality or torture on a growing child is most damaging. It prevents the child from being who they were born to be, and limits or destroys their ability to function normally in life. It is the most damaging of child abuse, without leaving any physical scars.


Brainwashed By The Media. Not getting all the news and what we do get is slanted. Bamazombies. I gave the Main Stream Media the sole of my BOOT a long time ago.